Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Business Bullies

catchy topic? even catchier issue.

catch this.

how many MALAYS are succesful and FAMOUS business people?

1, 2...3..yeah keep won't get that far. why? Frankly, not much to count.

Disgraceful Hazeirah Ibrahim! are you questioning the credibility of MALAYS in the business world?

~NewsFlash!!~ YES I AM!.

so what~ maybe malays are not so interested in business..maybe, just maybe, we focus more on..i don't know, working for other people maybe? you know, 'to become a kuli batak for the rest of my life is my goal in life!' kind of life principle.

if you think me disgraceful of questioning my own people's credibility, i'm even more disgraced with malays around me.

sorry, let me rephrase the whole thing, is not the malays, it's the muslims.

Guess what people, the muslim community's economy is plunging. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

Business is not just about growing money for your own benefit, but growing money for your economy.

Right now, the rich is getting richer, and the poor, poorer, without us realising it. the middle class is shrinking. the only way to keep the economy booming, the money needs to rotate, and it's not doing that because, there are the suppliers and NO buying powers.

Plus, there are competitors in the business world. Which is, of course, a norm. However, what have you to say about Muslims competing with other muslims, to bring each other's business down, or even, muslims sucking out blood-dry out- of other muslim entrepeneurs...

It's like civil war here people, and with this i announce, MUSLIMS are getting nowhere if this were to continue. those non muslims out there, the big succesful non muslims businessmen are laughing at us right this moment.

` the economoy is still plunging...and will be crash landing any moment now. eustan, we have a situation. roger and out.


  1. huhu.
    dah la jual brg gila punya mahal, pk nk untung byk tp x pk jauh. i mean in long term lah. nk duit je lebih. that's y la their business cannot survive long enuf. lingkup jap je. dah la x support kaum sendiri. Jual cekik darah. (p/s- tgk mcm my house rent,cekik darah).

  2. nak kaut untung 40 kali lipat...
    malas tapi nak duit...
    mangsanya adalah kita...