Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Business Bullies

catchy topic? even catchier issue.

catch this.

how many MALAYS are succesful and FAMOUS business people?

1, 2...3..yeah keep won't get that far. why? Frankly, not much to count.

Disgraceful Hazeirah Ibrahim! are you questioning the credibility of MALAYS in the business world?

~NewsFlash!!~ YES I AM!.

so what~ maybe malays are not so interested in business..maybe, just maybe, we focus more on..i don't know, working for other people maybe? you know, 'to become a kuli batak for the rest of my life is my goal in life!' kind of life principle.

if you think me disgraceful of questioning my own people's credibility, i'm even more disgraced with malays around me.

sorry, let me rephrase the whole thing, is not the malays, it's the muslims.

Guess what people, the muslim community's economy is plunging. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

Business is not just about growing money for your own benefit, but growing money for your economy.

Right now, the rich is getting richer, and the poor, poorer, without us realising it. the middle class is shrinking. the only way to keep the economy booming, the money needs to rotate, and it's not doing that because, there are the suppliers and NO buying powers.

Plus, there are competitors in the business world. Which is, of course, a norm. However, what have you to say about Muslims competing with other muslims, to bring each other's business down, or even, muslims sucking out blood-dry out- of other muslim entrepeneurs...

It's like civil war here people, and with this i announce, MUSLIMS are getting nowhere if this were to continue. those non muslims out there, the big succesful non muslims businessmen are laughing at us right this moment.

` the economoy is still plunging...and will be crash landing any moment now. eustan, we have a situation. roger and out.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

big dreams are meant to be 'dream on'?

who doesn't like to day dream?

~ yeah, stop lying.

everyone dreams of big dreams, i bet even the sultan. maybe lah kan... no life is perfect nor anyone. thing is, lots of us are erm...shy to share our dreams...bashful la katakan...
~whilst some go on and on and on about their dreams in a manner that they are trying to boast about what they haven't YET got. (erk, could that be me?:p)

i am a dreammer alright. i admit. i dream of a lot of things of which when i tell others they are bound to say 'dream on', and guess what, i do exactly (technically exactly) as they tell me to should try it. haha.

albeit the fact that most people think that my dreams are hard to come by in reality, that's the fun of keep dreaming on. I love it when people say impossible. I love impossible's just so thrilling.

if i were to list out all my dreams ever since i was a cute little innocent (erk...) child, then the list would be endless...(but not impossible to list down....take note.)

However, dream turning to reality is not what many would like to take up as a challenge. Okay, so i've forgotten about some of my silly dreams, ( me forgetting bout my dreams means i'm not working towards making it a reality.), for example, me wanting to be a singer...long long long time ago lah....that's never gonna come true because 1. i have a horrid voice...excruciatingly painful to ears that are miserable enough to be my audience. 2. i've never worked for it (no auditions no anything...thank god!) haha. and my mom won't let me....(she's trying to save the world here people!)

i've also dreamt about becoming a pilot...and am still...besides the fact that i'm short sighted and very wonky too...this one i'll leave till later once it's confirmed that i'll be having a private jet...(ooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!) yeah i know.

Then once, again, a long long long time ago....i wanted to become a teacher. Erm...i could still...probably not the formal ones, but i can be a teacher to my ehm...children? hahahahhahahahahahah!!!! look at me wanting to be the oh so ideal mom...ibu mithali lah katakan....errrrrrrrr...~yeah i know.

then i wanted to be a lawyer....but my mmom said no. funny isn't it how my mom has power over my life..and imagine that, a person like ME being under the control of another human being. oh yes, till this very day moms are still the best...erm hypnotics. hahah. there goes my weakness.

then i wanted to be a politician...which i WILL insyaallah be working on after i have my degree...slow, steady and accomplish. my made up motto out of hundreds that i live by.

ten i wanted to become a, let me rephrase, i want to be a doctor. And here i am...


in front of my laptop typing this..hehe .but in addition, as a medical student of Mansoura University. one down , many more to go....

Now, sitting right here in the boutique, i want to be an say that i can't, i say i can! hahah...i'll work for it..and if ever i failed at achieving any of my dreams...i'll just get up and say 'i failed, so what?', then start me, life without failing, is not exciting at all. it's the fails that gets adrenaline pumping.

and if i acvhieve my dreams succesfully, i dream on more for more dreams to become a reality...

i never stop dreaming.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Make money by losing money

another oh so twisted topic of mine.

today let's talk about making money by losing money..

*hey btw, anyone figured i should be doing a talk show of my own...? hehe perasaan :)

first off, let me tell you what i'm doing right now.

in front of my lappy,
in a boutique,
in jusco,
in bukit indah,
in johor.

i am...typing,
doing an inventory,
chewing gum,
making sales,
killing time.



Once upon a mom got me a book on...erm..can't remember the tittle and can't check now because it's at home in the library. it's written by..erm...dono too lah..but it's a malay summin lah that's for sure...*not too sure kind of for sure.

Anyway, he wrote about how he persevered throughout the ups and downs of his business like about ermm...more than 10 years ago ... big KOT lah i think it's 10 years ago. But i can surely say that establishing his business involved more downs than up. BUt no mattter what happened and the demotivated feeling he frequently had..he kept going on. kind of like a sentence in shakira's waka waka song: when you fall get up..oh oh..and if you fall get up eh..ehh..-

he mentioned that him and his familiy suffered about 9 years of money tightness...and he was a businessman. imagine that!

Thing about his book is, he described what it was like moving out a comfort zone; having a secure job and a handsome pay, and sliding into temporary hell; starting his own business.

But as i once read a quote by whom i can't remember; when going through hell, keep going.

That's exactly what this az summin did...and as a reward for his courage and perseverance, he manages a fairly succesful business now.

The point is that, when starting a business, some are required to lose a lot of money...until they order to get back even more money, until they don't know what to do with i exagerrating...? maybe. maybe not.

Reformation, neglection. it rhymes,it connects. My message?

What's the first impression that pops in your head when someone mentions anything to do with politics?


yeah, i know. that's what most people of all generations think of politics. i repeat, all...not just the young and immature ones but also the old and...haha stagnant ones..:D
this of which i could not fully understand. Hey, am i missing something in my life?

My opinion is that everyone needs to have at least a little idea on what is going on in the political world in our country. Politics is just so twisted...and i guess i am abit twisted..*that may be the reason why me and politics sooo connects.

Last night, i watched a tv programme entittled 'Soal jawab'...err...i think lah...if i'm not mistaken. In that particular show, they were discussing Politics and the young generation as in the undergraduates especially. The case on whether or not undergaduates are allowed to be taking part in politics is still being debated. In my opinion, people are getting more and more ignorant being in a comfort zone. Sun Tzu once mentioned that when at war prepare for peace, and if in peace prepare for war. Meaning that we cannot feel too comfortable as we may never know when the bonb might drop. It is utmost crucial to instill political values and consciousness albeit the fact that some think politics will ruin yougsters mind and education.


okey, what is the connection between politics and people's mind....

erm...wait...let me think.

~buffering....loading...loading...anyone? hands up.



let me start....

maybe lah kan...maybe...takut it becomes something like a racial issue..

eh, betul ker what i'm babbling about ni?

maybe lah kot...because once everyone standup for what they assume is their right..we have riot..hehe..right, riot, it almost rhymes...(*key i've gone cuckoo....)

then again maybe not...

because.... politics is somewhat a way to settle everything that is anything that needs settling with negotiation and compromise. kan? ...tak eh? would we rather prefer riots?

eh tapikan...riot tu politics ke ek?

eh jap jap jap...i'm not thinking straight.....

i think riot is the outcome of politics. or would we prefer calling it 'demonstrations'?

Bet you're confuse on whether i'm with or against politics. government or oppossition ? jeng jeng jeng.

i've warned...erm..told everyone that i'm a bit twisted. i always get carried away in my thoughts and always am taking the wrong turns......

okey, i kinda of like.. diverged from my topic...took the wrong turn again..lets u-turn.

As i see it, people should be given a wake up call. Politics is what makes them what they are and could probably be in the future...I'm not saying that people should take up political science.. heck no. I'm just saying that we should be aware of what goes on under our noses. Be aware of what politicians are up to. question their motives and plans, investigate their hidden agendas. believe me, it's what they want you to can i put it ek...? key, open your minds and become twisted, then you'll understand.

i am not saying whether i'm with the government or the opposition...though, i bet anyone could tell... whichever political parties i agree with,albeit that, i strongly believe that for a country to reach it's most peak and keep it there is by having both the government and the opposition. that way, they'll all work their ...erm... *searching for polite words....searching.....-can't find-, "a***s" out .

I'm just saying that, there is a political party out there...which is soo dedicated in taking care of us..but in a way so subtle and twisted. For as long as the politicians understand what is rightfully ..erm..right , and twisted in the way they keep things right..we'll be absolutely safe..insyaallah. But, all political parties needs us. Badly.

They've actually been waiting for us to speak out.hey need us to spark it up, then they can proceed.

what am i talking about??(you guys are thinking)

haha. Be twisted.

BTW, my tittle up there does not relate to any political parties. take note. just the message lah ada summin there about political parties ..but not in a particular.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Me and the Blogging world

As the days passed, i see more and more people getting themselves in this blogger's world... i thought, what was so special about blogging.?

I once thought that it was quite pathetic to be posting thoughts and feelings online, making it public. I thought it was only for those who seeks attention. I thought only nerds and computer geeks were into these kinds of things. I thought a person of high education has no time for all these insignificant matters. I thought wrong. enough said.

So what made me change my mind about blogging? I think, i've been driven into the blogging world by three persons, one of whom i have never met nor spoken to. They are my best friend ever, Arina Hanis Azmi, my good buddy Muhammad Nur Fahmi Naimem (bear), and a person who has impressed me with his blog..I don't know his name nor do i know who he is, but Bear had recommended me to read his blog, and i thought it was enticing.

I hope that by posting what i once thought was pathetic could polish my writing skills. practice makes perfect and it would be more of an advantage if people were there to give honest opinions especially where there are rooms for improvements. I would also like to start off by saying, all of what i would be posting in the near future are entirely my written opinions and if ever 'hard feelings' are involved, I'm sorry.